Inspirations: A Poster A Day


Graphic Designer Alex Proba has set herself quite the task: to produce one poster everyday… In 30 minutes. 

As a newcomer to the world of graphic design, this type of undertaking alone astonishes me. Viewing Proba’s work takes my astoundment to an entirely new level: the posters she has been producing are visually striking, fun, and just so creative– I am blown away. 


To produce such a caliber of work in such a limited time frame really speaks to Proba’s skill. How she manages to get such clever and clean pieces produced so quickly is really inspirational to me. To know that it’s possible to construct quality design work is motivating me to hone my skills further, and brush up on my Adobe knowledge! 

My favorite aspect of her work is how she combines seemingly random elements (a cat, a piece of fruit, a geode…) to create a piece that actually feels quite cohesive. 


Proba has already done more than 400 days worth of posters, and this year she is focusing on the story of her viewers. As her website says, ” Last year’s posters were about my life. The next 365 days are about You.” She is asking her audience to submit their stories, and in turn she uses these stories as inspiration for her posters. I love how she is utilizing the power of visual communication for storytelling, getting back to the true heart of the design art form.

Find out more about Alex Proba and her work here!


Inspirations: Cy Twombly


Recently, Cy Twombly and his paintings keep popping up in my life (and Pinterest feed). 

I love the playful nature of Twombly’s work. His pieces at first appear quite simple, yet they all have these small exquisite details that make it easy to get lost staring at them for hours on end.


Twombly often used a variety of oil paint, wax crayon, and lead pencil, giving his work such a unique and captivating texture. There’s a childlike quality to his pieces, too, that leave a sense of whimsy in their wake. 



I find it hard not to be inspired by Twombly’s work– how many pieces do you think I can fit on the walls of a 500 square foot New York City loft…?

Summertime Feelings


It’s that breeze, the salty air, crisp white linen, and not a care in the world.

It’s coffee in the early morning with your feet firmly planted on the dewy ground before the day’s fog burns off.

It’s time stretching and lingering in the humid air as it lazily drapes over our heads.

The splendor of Fall might be on its way, but this Summer still has some magic left to share.

(Images via Pinterest & Mystic Mamma)

Succulent Storm


Succulents are probably my favorite plant. They’re durable, easy to care for, & above all else, they look so cool. When I saw an entire tent devoted to these nifty plants at my farmer’s market this past week, I had to snatch a few up. Along with a ton of greens & a bundle of chives, I left the market feeling the spring vibes.

succulent succulent

So far, I’ve only gotten around to potting one of my new succs- I chose to reuse an old Harney & Sons tea tin to play off of the plant’s pink hues.

succulent succulent

Even in this recent stormy weather, these desert plants always brighten my day!


Inspirations: The Australian Sea

There is something so tranquil about a beachside sunset. The fairy-floss sky drapes over the ocean to create a dreamy aura around the coast. In this magnificent daze, some of life’s best moments seem to come about. Some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen were in Australia, especially at Bondi Beach. To dissect the essence of a Bondi sunset would be difficult– however, the soft colors & soothing textures certainly provide inspiration.

Aussie Mood

In this mood board, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite features of the Australian sunset. As the summer approaches here in the US, I’m hoping to bring some Aussie sunset inspired calm & tranquility into the new season: to pause & take a moment to drink in the sights, sounds, & feeling of my surroundings. Even if I can’t be in Australia, I can hope to find the beauty of the Australian sea in my east-coast surroundings.

The Allergic Foodie Takes on Dimes

There is something so satisfying about simple, nourishing, & delicious meals. Sadly, sometimes it can be difficult to find these simple yet flavorful meals, especially when eating out. But have no fear- Dimes is here! Dimes has quickly become one of my new favorite restaurants in New York. You have to love a place that can’t make their quinoa bowl dairy free because the chickpeas were cooked in ghee. I truly appreciate how Dimes puts such care & thought into preparing their amazing salads, bowls, & sandwiches.

On this occasion I tried the fennel-ginger lemonade. It was perfect– not too sweet, but still refreshing.


Due to my constant indecision, I also gave two entrées a go: The “Big Salad” with kale, mushrooms, grapes, & snap peas along with The “Bean Bowl” with tarragon pickled carrots, roasted sunchokes, & brocollini. Both dishes were divine, but my favorite was the Bean Bowl– the flavors & textures were so fresh & complimentary, I couldn’t get enough!

big salad

bean bowl

bean bowl
I mean, have you ever seen such pretty beans?

I also really appreciated the care & attention that the staff gave to my food allergies. Both of my dishes had to be modified, but I never felt like a burden, nor did I feel like I was missing out with some of the changes. The waitstaff was also super friendly & really helped me navigate the menu. Overall, I was really put at ease by the service & vibe at Dimes.


Did I mention they also have acai bowls & serve breakfast all day? Yup– if ever there were a perfect restaurant for me, Dimes might just be it. With a focus on seasonal produce & innovatively simple combinations, I definitely have plans to try as many dishes that I can!


Inspirations: Moons in May

Moon & May Inspiration


Personally, I’ve labeled the month of May to be one of self reflection & reinvention. With tonight’s full moon, now feels like the perfect time to let go of the past:

“It is also possible for an issue, emotional reaction, pain or unfelt grief that has been buried arises into awareness looking to be acknowledged, transmuted and healed thus the energy is recycled into fresh usable creative energy once more. It may feel like a deep and powerful purge of clearing out a long-held false security blanket…”
“Allow light of awareness to penetrate the dark areas of ignorance, shame and deep-seated resentment that lies hidden underneath issues. Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life, use the potential of the Full Moon in Scorpio to symbolically die to be reborn.”

Mystic Mamma

What are you ready to move on from? Now’s the time to work past it!

(all collage sources can be found on Pinterest.)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day

To all mothers– I hope you are enjoying your day! I know my mom is one of the most frequent readers of this little blog of mine (hi mom…) & I’ve always appreciated her support & encouragement about my posts. So, in honor of this special day, here are a few of my favorite lessons that I’ve learned from my mom:

  • Always order 2 pots of coffee (always.)
  • It’s OK to take some time to nap (or at least close your eyes)
  • A good moisturizer is key
  • Always tip at least 15%, even if you hated the service
  • Tea time is not an indulgence, but a necessity
  • Do what you care about, even if it’s not what you expected you would want to do
  • Travel (& the experience that come along with it) is worth the expense
  • Give to those in need, even if it’s just something small
  • Be kind, be open, be caring

Above all, I am grateful for my mom’s constant support & care. Through all of life’s challenges, my mom has been there to support me & keep me grounded. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without her! She is one of the most giving people I know, which I think is a truly rare & special motherly quality. So, thank you mums, I love you!

Springy Style

AD CollageSpring is in the air- can you feel it? The birds are starting to sing in the mornings. The flowers are sprouting up from the cold & dark dirt. The world is finally full of green again.

I, for one, could not be more excited about the changing seasons. Fresh air & sunshine are coming back in style. To match this new atmosphere, I’m ready to shed some winter layers & welcome in a lighter spring wardrobe.

This shell linen shirt from No. 6 is the perfect spring-transition staple piece. The pale robin’s egg blue color reminds me of fresh April mornings & the soft linen conjures up thoughts of light breaking through the trees. For breezy spring days, this clean & sleek look is a definite must. I would pair this top with a pair of fun clogs & stylish sunnies for the perfect springtime ensemble.

A few other spring-transition pieces that I’m loving:

Jersey leggings– comfort & style? Yes please!

A simple graphic tee.

Light wash jeans for dreamy days.

Polka-dotty shoes for springtime walks.

& this amazing double eye knuckle ring is a must, because, well, why not?


The Deconstructed Smoothie Plate

It’s no secret that I am a big smoothie lover. Prior to hopping on the smoothie-love bandwagon, breakfast used to be a huge struggle for me. I would either under fuel (“grande soy cappuccino, please”) or I would go for full-out decadent carbo-loads (helloooo nutella stuffed french toast with a sticky bun on the side) that would leave me feeling gross for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until I became intent on a healthy lifestyle, & smoothies entered my world, that I realized how great & energizing breakfasts actually could be!

Now that I’m a brekkie convert, I’ve loved experimenting with this all-important meal, usually in smoothie form. But even smoothies, no matter how lovely, can get a bit monotonous. Trying to mix things up, I’ve had some trouble finding other options that are as balanced & energizing as my beloved blended concoctions. This past summer, however, I found the perfect solution that I wanted to share with you all today!

deconstructed smoothie plate

After much experimentation, I’d like to present to you what I’ve deemed “The Deconstructed Smoothie Plate.” Essentially, I’ve parred down the usual smoothie ingredients to be mixed & matched & munched on for the perfect morning meal. This concept came about over the summer when all I craved were huge bowls of melon. Indulging this seasonal craving, I quickly realized that eating fruit alone did not a balanced breakfast make: I would be hungry an hour later, usually bloated, & a bit sugar coma-y to boot (this was a lot of melon we’re talking about). Knowing a smoothie would be the more healthful & energizing route, but not wanting to give up my melon fixation, I decided to add in a few of my favorite smoothie superfoods to balance things out. Lo & behold, these were exactly the balancing elements my melon-party-brekkies needed & I’ve been hooked ever since! Here’s the smoothie plate formula:

 The Deconstructed Smoothie Plate

deconstructed smoothie plate


2-3 seasonal fruits of your choice

(in the summer I usually go for melon & watermelon; in the fall/winter it’s all about the papaya & grapefruit/citrus)

-a plant-based sauce of your choice

(my summer favorite is My New Root’s Hemp & Vanilla sauce, while my wintery fave has been a chlorella-based sauce from the 30 Raw-Breakfasts appI imagine a tahini or other nut-butter sauce would also work well! )

-3-4 of your favorite superfood smoothie add-ins

(my typical accompaniments: hemp seed, coconut flakes, spirulina crunchies, flax seed, raw maca powder, vanilla powder, etc.)


-Simply cut your chosen fruit into uniform, bite-sized pieces & plate.

-Drizzle your lovely fruit with your chosen sauce (or keep on the side for easy dipping).

-Then, assemble your add-ins on the side of your perfect fruit.

-Now, dig in & assemble different flavor combos & bites to your liking!

deconstructed smoothie plate

As you can see, this deconstructed plate really couldn’t be simpler. These are, of course, guidelines to make your fruit-y breakfasts a bit more satisfying & empowering. Feel free to mix it up, try things out, & don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

If you give this plate a go, I would love to hear how you like it! & feel free to share any other amazing combos- there are so many options once you get experimenting.

Happy breakfasting!