Thoughts at 7AM


I was having this thought mid-waking this morning: you know that time where you’re still partially in dreamland and just beginning to open your eyes to the reality of another day? Well, during this bleary-eyed time I started thinking about doors (please just keep in mind that I’m still half asleep during the following stream of thought).  I started wondering  if we were on this earth with nothing– no civilization, no community, no cities or towns– would we alone know to build these homes that we are so accustomed to? If you were outside the confines, would you build a home, a room, a tub like we know today? Would you even think to create a doorknob, a couch, a sink?

This half-conscious thought really got me thinking about society and our collective effort to create and build things. I also began to wonder about innovation- does it still exist in our time? Or are we no longer questioning enough of our preconceived utilities, materials, and modes of thought?

If you weren’t given a door already, would you create one like we have today?

This series of strange questioning led me to the reaffirmation that I don’t want to settle with accepting preconceived notions. I would like to stay grounded in my questioning of everything- to approach every situation asking: “Is this the right way to do something? Is this the only option? If this solution wasn’t already presented to me, would I create the same thing?”

I really desire to stay original, to stay thoughtful, and to not settle for “how things are.”

I guess what I’m trying to say (as so many before me have already professed) is that we need to stay curious and questioning. We need to keep our eyes open to all alternative solutions, and maybe we can create something of our own that is truly great.

If you weren’t given a door already, what would you create instead?


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