Inspirations: A Poster A Day


Graphic Designer Alex Proba has set herself quite the task: to produce one poster everyday… In 30 minutes. 

As a newcomer to the world of graphic design, this type of undertaking alone astonishes me. Viewing Proba’s work takes my astoundment to an entirely new level: the posters she has been producing are visually striking, fun, and just so creative– I am blown away. 


To produce such a caliber of work in such a limited time frame really speaks to Proba’s skill. How she manages to get such clever and clean pieces produced so quickly is really inspirational to me. To know that it’s possible to construct quality design work is motivating me to hone my skills further, and brush up on my Adobe knowledge! 

My favorite aspect of her work is how she combines seemingly random elements (a cat, a piece of fruit, a geode…) to create a piece that actually feels quite cohesive. 


Proba has already done more than 400 days worth of posters, and this year she is focusing on the story of her viewers. As her website says, ” Last year’s posters were about my life. The next 365 days are about You.” She is asking her audience to submit their stories, and in turn she uses these stories as inspiration for her posters. I love how she is utilizing the power of visual communication for storytelling, getting back to the true heart of the design art form.

Find out more about Alex Proba and her work here!


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