Inspirations: The Australian Sea

There is something so tranquil about a beachside sunset. The fairy-floss sky drapes over the ocean to create a dreamy aura around the coast. In this magnificent daze, some of life’s best moments seem to come about. Some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen were in Australia, especially at Bondi Beach. To dissect the essence of a Bondi sunset would be difficult– however, the soft colors & soothing textures certainly provide inspiration.

Aussie Mood

In this mood board, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite features of the Australian sunset. As the summer approaches here in the US, I’m hoping to bring some Aussie sunset inspired calm & tranquility into the new season: to pause & take a moment to drink in the sights, sounds, & feeling of my surroundings. Even if I can’t be in Australia, I can hope to find the beauty of the Australian sea in my east-coast surroundings.


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