The Allergic Foodie Takes on Dimes

There is something so satisfying about simple, nourishing, & delicious meals. Sadly, sometimes it can be difficult to find these simple yet flavorful meals, especially when eating out. But have no fear- Dimes is here! Dimes has quickly become one of my new favorite restaurants in New York. You have to love a place that can’t make their quinoa bowl dairy free because the chickpeas were cooked in ghee. I truly appreciate how Dimes puts such care & thought into preparing their amazing salads, bowls, & sandwiches.

On this occasion I tried the fennel-ginger lemonade. It was perfect– not too sweet, but still refreshing.


Due to my constant indecision, I also gave two entrées a go: The “Big Salad” with kale, mushrooms, grapes, & snap peas along with The “Bean Bowl” with tarragon pickled carrots, roasted sunchokes, & brocollini. Both dishes were divine, but my favorite was the Bean Bowl– the flavors & textures were so fresh & complimentary, I couldn’t get enough!

big salad

bean bowl

bean bowl
I mean, have you ever seen such pretty beans?

I also really appreciated the care & attention that the staff gave to my food allergies. Both of my dishes had to be modified, but I never felt like a burden, nor did I feel like I was missing out with some of the changes. The waitstaff was also super friendly & really helped me navigate the menu. Overall, I was really put at ease by the service & vibe at Dimes.


Did I mention they also have acai bowls & serve breakfast all day? Yup– if ever there were a perfect restaurant for me, Dimes might just be it. With a focus on seasonal produce & innovatively simple combinations, I definitely have plans to try as many dishes that I can!



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