Inspirations: Moons in May

Moon & May Inspiration


Personally, I’ve labeled the month of May to be one of self reflection & reinvention. With tonight’s full moon, now feels like the perfect time to let go of the past:

“It is also possible for an issue, emotional reaction, pain or unfelt grief that has been buried arises into awareness looking to be acknowledged, transmuted and healed thus the energy is recycled into fresh usable creative energy once more. It may feel like a deep and powerful purge of clearing out a long-held false security blanket…”
“Allow light of awareness to penetrate the dark areas of ignorance, shame and deep-seated resentment that lies hidden underneath issues. Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life, use the potential of the Full Moon in Scorpio to symbolically die to be reborn.”

Mystic Mamma

What are you ready to move on from? Now’s the time to work past it!

(all collage sources can be found on Pinterest.)



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