The Deconstructed Smoothie Plate

It’s no secret that I am a big smoothie lover. Prior to hopping on the smoothie-love bandwagon, breakfast used to be a huge struggle for me. I would either under fuel (“grande soy cappuccino, please”) or I would go for full-out decadent carbo-loads (helloooo nutella stuffed french toast with a sticky bun on the side) that would leave me feeling gross for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until I became intent on a healthy lifestyle, & smoothies entered my world, that I realized how great & energizing breakfasts actually could be!

Now that I’m a brekkie convert, I’ve loved experimenting with this all-important meal, usually in smoothie form. But even smoothies, no matter how lovely, can get a bit monotonous. Trying to mix things up, I’ve had some trouble finding other options that are as balanced & energizing as my beloved blended concoctions. This past summer, however, I found the perfect solution that I wanted to share with you all today!

deconstructed smoothie plate

After much experimentation, I’d like to present to you what I’ve deemed “The Deconstructed Smoothie Plate.” Essentially, I’ve parred down the usual smoothie ingredients to be mixed & matched & munched on for the perfect morning meal. This concept came about over the summer when all I craved were huge bowls of melon. Indulging this seasonal craving, I quickly realized that eating fruit alone did not a balanced breakfast make: I would be hungry an hour later, usually bloated, & a bit sugar coma-y to boot (this was a lot of melon we’re talking about). Knowing a smoothie would be the more healthful & energizing route, but not wanting to give up my melon fixation, I decided to add in a few of my favorite smoothie superfoods to balance things out. Lo & behold, these were exactly the balancing elements my melon-party-brekkies needed & I’ve been hooked ever since! Here’s the smoothie plate formula:

 The Deconstructed Smoothie Plate

deconstructed smoothie plate


2-3 seasonal fruits of your choice

(in the summer I usually go for melon & watermelon; in the fall/winter it’s all about the papaya & grapefruit/citrus)

-a plant-based sauce of your choice

(my summer favorite is My New Root’s Hemp & Vanilla sauce, while my wintery fave has been a chlorella-based sauce from the 30 Raw-Breakfasts appI imagine a tahini or other nut-butter sauce would also work well! )

-3-4 of your favorite superfood smoothie add-ins

(my typical accompaniments: hemp seed, coconut flakes, spirulina crunchies, flax seed, raw maca powder, vanilla powder, etc.)


-Simply cut your chosen fruit into uniform, bite-sized pieces & plate.

-Drizzle your lovely fruit with your chosen sauce (or keep on the side for easy dipping).

-Then, assemble your add-ins on the side of your perfect fruit.

-Now, dig in & assemble different flavor combos & bites to your liking!

deconstructed smoothie plate

As you can see, this deconstructed plate really couldn’t be simpler. These are, of course, guidelines to make your fruit-y breakfasts a bit more satisfying & empowering. Feel free to mix it up, try things out, & don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

If you give this plate a go, I would love to hear how you like it! & feel free to share any other amazing combos- there are so many options once you get experimenting.

Happy breakfasting!


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