On High Alert

Allergies– they’re as fun as you make them. At least that’s how I’m trying to view them. As I look forward to some travel in my future & the fun it will bring, I also have to prepare to eat out a lot more than I’m used to. Although I’m comfortable dining out with my hefty list of allergens, sometimes rattling off all ten (yes, ten…) night after night can be exhausting.

The solution? Allergy Alert Cards!
Although I could have easily typed up my list & printed out plain straight-forward cards, for me that simply wouldn’t do. So, I got to work in Photoshop to create an assortment of Allergy Alert Cards to use for any & all occasions. Here is a brief sampling:

Annie Donnelly Allergy Alert 1

for plain & simple occasions.

Annie Donnelly Allergy Alert 1

for the more down-to-earth establishments.

Annie Donnelly Allergy Alert 3

for all places hip & trendy.

Annie Donnelly Allergy Alert 4

& for those simple & classic spots.

Yup,  I may be going a bit overboard here, but I think most chefs & servers will appreciate a little fun in these situations, no?

I’m about to jet-off for some R&R in the sun & by the surf, so I’ll be testing these little cards out as I go. I’m excited to see which version will go over the best!

In the meantime, for more on all things health & nutrition, check out the other features of my Selling Health Series.


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