Trains & Gardens

Now that my final exams are over, I’m finally home for the holidays & couldn’t be happier. The last few weeks of the semester were super busy & I’m now looking forward to having time to relax & truly unwind. To get into the holiday spirit, I recently ventured to the New York Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places) for their annual Holiday Train Show.


The train show features miniature NYC landmarks made of found materials (like wood, bark, leaves, etc.) all connected by looping train tracks. The show is set in the NYBG’s conservatory amidst the tropical plants that bloom there year round. I found the juxtaposition of the winter-y & holiday themed trains & replicas against the tropical background very interesting & thought it actually worked pretty well for the exhibit.

nybg nybg nybg

The show was not as holiday themed as I was hoping it would be, but it was interesting nonetheless to see such an intriguing take on some of New York’s great landmarks.

nybg nybg nybg nybg

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s now time to decorate the tree, bake (even more) scrumptious cookies, & try out a few new holiday DIYs to keep this holiday spirit going! Happy holidays!


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