Visions on the Train

From my seat, I saw a blind man board the train. He walked down the aisle and sat behind me. I closed my eyes and started to doze.


The light from the sun began strobing through my eyelids as the train raced along. It got me thinking about sight and our senses. As the oranges and yellows and blacks swirled beneath my closed eyes I wondered– what are my favorite sights to see? What would I miss if the light from the sun suddenly took my sight?


What really makes vision worthwhile? Is it all sensory? Or is it deeper- is vision more than just sight?

When we know what we see- understand it, connect with it, feel it in some deeper way.


Surely then it’s vision, not just sight, that excited us. It’s the connection.


I wondered if the blind man could still experience vision, even without his sight. I opened my eyes and looked over- he was sipping a hot chocolate and smiling… I smiled, too.


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