Inspiration: Free People November Catalog

Sometimes, I don’t even sense how uninspired I am… that is until a big burst of inspiration comes gusting at me. Yup, that’s the best way I can describe this take over of motivation, joy, & excitement that encompasses me.

& it just hit me again, in the form of Free People’s November catalog.


The images from this collection almost left me speechless: the depth of colors, the integration of mixed media, & not to mention the actual clothing!



The photographs are meant to evoke the elements: earth, air, water, fire, & spirit. I think they did a fantastic job at translating the essence of each element onto the page. I could almost feel the frost in the water elements, & viewing the air elements felt dreamy & hushed.



Check out the rest of Free People’s November catalog (& shop the amazing collection!) on their site.

With the semester winding down & final exams quickly approaching, I’m thankful for any & all forms of inspiration that I can find. Now, here’s hoping that this catalog is enough to power me through!


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