Case Study: MAInstaFoliage

Although we’re a full week into November (…what?!) the leaves are still a riot of colors here in Boston. If there’s one thing I love about fall (besides the “sweater weather“) it’s the amazing foliage that we get here on the east coast. For this year’s autumnal leaf show, Connelly Partners created the user generated “InstaFoliage” site for the Mass Board of Tourism. For the month of October, the site live-streamed foliage Instagrams with the hashtag “#MAinstafoliage”. They divided the Instagrams by region & chose a photo of the week, which was also used on Mass Vacation’s Facebook page.


I love this social media execution because it really engages the user while celebrating a season unique to New England. The site is also simple, aesthetically pleasing, & well-executed. This concept could have easily been poorly executed & overwhelming to the user — there’s a lot of coordination that goes into live-streaming social media content onto a standalone website & along with the other components (photo of the week, a twitter stream at the bottom, links to fall foliage drives, etc.) it could have easily become a mess. The sleek design of the site, however, really pulled it all together & created a seamless user experience.


I was actually introduced to this site twice: once by word of mouth & again in one of my advertising classes. I was so impressed to see the thought & decisiveness that Connelly Partners put into executing the site– especially after I had spent a good 5+ hours procrastinating by clicking through the various regions throughout the weeks before. It’s impressive to see an advertising agency actually engaging consumers & doing something interesting with their social media content, instead of just pandering for “likes” & re-tweets. It’s so much more fun to feel like you’re contributing to something real as opposed to clicking around aimlessly. It was also impressive to see how Connelly Partners integrated this user-generated content into the Mass Tourism website, again, really creating a seamless user experience & providing the user will any & all of the information/content they need!

massThere are so many ways to celebrate fall in New England; however, a superbly designed, well-executed, & fun website dedicated solely to Instagram & foliage has to be one of the best I’ve seen.


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