Forgotten Moments.

I couldn’t remember the last time that I picked up my film camera. A year ago? Maybe even two? I go through phases with photography: I am either all-in, shooting only film, on manual, toting my camera along with me everywhere… or I am the complete opposite, sticking to my trusty iPhone to capture my precious memories.

So, when I finally dug up my film camera a few weeks ago, I was surprised (& pretty excited) to find that there was a forgotten roll of film left inside. Looking through my developed shots, I was transported back to almost two years ago, the fall & start of winter of 2011. Some moments I still remember, others I have completely forgotten.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the roll– most are simple moments that, at one time, I deemed worthy of remembering. Enjoy! (& please excuse some excessive graininess…I just love underexposures!)

34460016 34460017

34460001 34460018 34460020 34460022 34460023 34460024 34460025


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