I didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus from my little blog here. Yet, here we are, after two weeks of silence! I hate that I’ve neglected this space, but I promise I do have a good reason. You see, it seems that I seriously jinxed myself when I wrote about my troubles with a measly weed called poison ivy. Yup, right after I proclaimed that I wouldn’t let poison ivy scare me away from nature, I found my hands completely covered in that all too familiar rash. Ironic? Yes. Funny? Not so much. Oh, & did I mention I was also visiting Charleston & Kiawah Island in South Carolina during this time? Thankfully, the poison ivy was confined to my hands, so my trip wasn’t hindered too much (except, of course, for my inability to really hold, grasp, or open things…).

So, here we are. Two weeks later & I’m just now regaining mobility in my fingers. Thankfully, I had a lot of fun outings & adventures to fill my time as I waited to bend my fingers again.

At the angel oak tree. Magnificent.

angel oak

On the streets of Charleston.
On the streets of Charleston.
Some of the best beets I’ve ever had! Straight from a local farm.

I loved that all of the restaurants on Kiawah were so focused on supporting local farms, fishermen, & the like. I love seeing this trend gain some traction, especially in smaller areas like Kiawah!

Some seriously amazing local wreck fish (a species native to South Carolina).
The Ocean Course golf course at Kiawah.
On the links.


Lamb love at Middleton Plantation. They were all over…one chased me.
Relaxing back at home. Note the haggard thumb.
Mantra for the upcoming season from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

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