Tea Time at Harney & Sons

This weekend, I made a trip to the village of Millerton in upstate New York with my mom. Normally, I’m more drawn to the Southern parts of NY state (AKA Manhattan) but sometimes you just crave the slower pace of the “country”.

Ok, to be honest, the real motive of the trip had less to do with slowing down & more to do with Millerton’s big draw: the Harney & Sons tea shop. Harney & Sons is definetely my favorite tea brand & I was excited to experience this other store location (they also have a pretty large store in SoHo that I love). This Harney & Sons outpost features a cafe, store, & tasting room, all of which I was more than eager to check out.

Tea for two & two for tea. We enjoyed pots of green chai & Chinese black teas along with an amazing Sunday brunch spread.

The cafe was small (we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table) but the food was truly impressive & well worth the wait. Another plus: they offer personal pots of about every single tea imaginable. I think there were about 50 choices total, not great for my indecision. Thankfully, the staff was super helpful & I ended up with a refreshing pot of green chai. Along with a crudite platter & a meddeterrain-inspired salad, it was a delightful brunch!


Tins & tins of tea. Harney & Sons packaging always gets me– I just can’t get enough of their rainbow of colors & intriguing fonts!

After brunch, we proceeded to go crazy in the tea store. We may or may not have ended up leaving with about 4 tins of tea (but, I mean really, do you see that packaging?!), a selection of speciality tea strainers, local honey & marmalade, & a new complete tea set.

Next up was a trip to the tea tasting room, where they had three teas brewed & ready to be sampled. They also offered a complimentary tasting of one tea of your choice.



The walls were lined with an impressive stock of almost every tea that Harney & Sons produces. We tried the ready made first flush darjeeling (amazing) & the green cherry blossom (refreshing & subtle). As you would probably guess, when it came time to choose any of their amazing teas to try, indecision got me yet again. After much debate, I finally narrowed it down to a green & black tea mix called Caribe. It was perfect for spring & although I had it hot, it would defineley be even more amazing iced (an experiment in my very near future, I’m sure).

7Caribe tea & a spring time get-up. If you’re curious, here are the outfit details: Sweater- Zara, Top- (very old) Patterson J Kincaid, Jeans- Rag & Bone, Boots- Rag & Bone, & of course, Bag- Mulberry.

After we finished our tasting, we decided to grab a few samples to bring home. Thankfully, they allow up to five per person, so indecision was (a bit) less of a problem. We ended up with a selection of green & black teas to try throughout the coming days. It’s hard to choose, but I think I’m the most excited to try the Tokyo blend, a green tea with toasted sesame seeds and caramel– mhmm, I can’t wait!


Isn’t tea time just the best? Visiting Harney & Sons made for such a fun & different Sunday. Both my mom & I had a blast & we’re already planning to return once the summer rolls around!


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