Let’s Juice

Have you tried juicing yet?

I was extremely hesitant to jump on board the juicing train (as I tend to be with all things super-hyped) but I gave in a few weeks ago… & I’m loving it!

go green

At first, juicing seemed unnecessary– why juice all of these greens, vegetables, & fruits when I could just eat them all throughout the day? But it’s true what all of those juicing diehards say– you seriously pack so much more nutritional goodness into one little juice than you could ever get into a huge salad or meal. I haven’t done a crazy juice cleanse or anything (& I can’t say if I ever will…) but I have started to add a refreshing green juice to my morning beverage line-up– AKA the 2, or 3, or 4 cups of black coffee I seem to rely on (hey, it’s all about balance, right?).

hey girl
Along with a huge hat & sunglasses, a green juice in a mason jar is the 3rd most ridiculous accessory I’m sporting these days.

My favorite combo so far is pretty amazing: a few slices of cantaloupe, a big chunk of cucumber, lots of kale & spinach, a few carrots, & a hunk of ginger all mixed with some coconut water– yum, yum, yum! I haven’t strayed too far from this combo yet, but I’m excited to try experimenting with more “exotic” veggies like beets, fennel, & potato (it’s so crazy I have to try it)!

Here are a few recipes I’m super pumped to try:

Morning Citrus Juice from Culinary Karma

Sunshine in a Bottle from Core + Diced

Pink Immunity Booster on Plan to Eat

Sunflower Sunset Juice from Kitchen Apparel


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