The Moments Project

This week, I’m introducing a new series I’ve come to lovingly refer to as “The Moments Project”. As the new spring season unfolds, one of my goals is to be a bit more reflective & appreciative. I frequently feel the urge to slow down & take in all of the good around me, but life often gets a bit too hectic or stressful to do so. With The Moments Project I’m making a conscious effort to capture a simple, sweet, & good moment everyday- whether it’s via iPhone (sorry in advance for the poor quality snapshots), camera, or a simple note.



Although I was hoping for a real hedgehog or bunny to show up in my Easter basket, this awesome hedgehog light will be a good substitute (for now). He’s found a nice new home on my bedside table.


kiwi berry

So, who knew there was such thing as a kiwi berry?! I was equal parts impressed, intrigued, & frightened when my mom found these at Whole Foods. On Tuesday I decided to give these grape/kiwi contraptions a try & I’m glad I did! They taste almost exactly like a kiwi only a tad bit sweeter & they’re the perfectly nom-tastic size of a grape! A great new addition to my snacking repertoire.

lazy morningOne of my favorite morning rituals is planning my day while enjoying a warming cup of french press coffee. This week, I tried a new blend from Irving Farm called The Rainforest Foundation Blend (one dollar of each sale is donated to the Rainforest Foundation). It’s smooth, strong, & definitely a new favorite.


I stocked up on a few new moleskins (aren’t those colors awesome?!) along with two new reads: A Room With a View by E.M. Forester & Surprised by Joy — The Four Loves 
by C.S. Lewis. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I love the way all of my purchases look together! I should also admit that I do tend to judge (& buy) books based solely on their covers… I mean, even if I end up disliking the book, at least they’ll look great on my bookshelf… right?


outfitA lazy day. Loved the sunny weather & my new orchid. Here’s my silly attempt at being fashion blogger-like (I think the wet hair is a nice & classy touch, no?).



Oh, a crazy day filled with a traffic-laden 4+ hour drive. After being cooped up in the car for so long, the Fairmont’s room service was seriously the highlight of my day. The Fairmont’s menu featured gluten-free, vegan, raw, macrobiotic…ok, pretty much any & all specialized diet options, which was crazy awesome. Since the gluten-free menu didn’t really strike my fancy, I ordered from the raw menu & loved my beet & pine nut salad along with a medley of thinly sliced avocado, fennel, & carrot.


…Another day in the car. Thankfully, I had Instagram to keep me company, but still an exhausting day with no interesting snapshots to boot. I’m thankful for some of the amazing Instagram accounts out there though, they certainly provided a good source of inspiration while cruising down the highway.


& finally, to today. So far, today has been filled with great moments: waking up early to the sound of chirping birds (spring, is that you?!), registering for the fall semester of my senior year (ah!), enjoying freshly baked coconut bread with fruit… this Sunday is shaping up to be simple & relaxed, just what I’ve needed!

With a new week ahead, I hope everyone finds time to see joy in the little things!


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