An Ode to Pancakes

adonn pancakes

I am a big lover of breakfast foods. Before realizing my gluten, dairy, & various other intolerances, I frequently indulged in lavish breakfast spreads including crazy oatmeal concoctions, pastries & muffins galore, & my all-time favorites: pancakes & waffles stacked a mile high. Now that I know how these foods mess with my health, I can’t partake in the traditional breakfasts of my childhood. I can, however, recreate my favorites in ways that fit my diet (& still taste great!).

Enter the simplest banana pancake recipe ever. I’ve seen variations of this recipe floating around the web for ages now, so I can hardly lay claim to thinking it up. The first, & still one of the best, versions that I’ve found is from one of my favorite food blogs, Green Kitchen Stories. Immediately, I was hooked & haven’t stopped making & adapting these lovely little cakes since.

adonn pancake


Usually I’m not cooking for a crowd, so I whip up one banana with either three egg whites or one egg + two egg whites. Throw in some flaked coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, & vanilla & I’m set! Recently I’ve even experimented with grated carrots, vanilla, & raisins– another wining combo. Really, the options are endless! I think that’s why I love pancakes so much: they’re a great blank canvas that you can alter & fit to whatever you’re craving in that moment.


I know most people reserve pancakes & their counterparts for special weekend breakfasts, but I have to ask: why? In my opinion, pancakes are just too good to be confined to the Saturdays & Sundays of our lives! Especially with this fast & simple version, any morning can be jazzed up & made just a little sweeter.


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