An Irish Souvenir

482688_509779579064178_1749999679_nNo, sadly, if you’re guessing I smuggled a cat back from the Emerald Isle, you are mistaken. I did, however, bring back a pair of Dubarry boots. I had never heard of Dubarry before I visited Ireland, but when I passed their store close to Grafton Street (the flagship & only independent retail location), I was intrigued. Their pieces reminded me of one of my favorite fashion brands, Barbour: they were timeless, well-made, & undeniably from Ireland/the UK (aka. preppy with a rugged edge).

About a week before I left Dublin, I decided to pop in. While I spent close to an hour debating between the Clare boot & the Galway (I went with the Galway), the salesperson informed me that Dubarry was & still is an equestrian brand. Here’s what the website has to say:

“As any visit to a county show, game fair or horse trial will confirm, Dubarry’s leather boots are recognised, respected and loved countrywide for their comfort, protection and style. Our iconic Galway boot is essential country kit. One glance and you know they’re authentic. Worn by sporting legends, Royal family members, Pony Club mothers, hot shots, legions of dog walkers and anyone in the know….no longer a country secret but out there for all to enjoy.”

& thank goodness the secret is out! The Galway boots I went with are Gortex lined, so they are amazingly warm & cozy without feeling suffocating (a lifesaver my last few days trekking around Dublin). They’re also so unique– I’ve never seen a boot quite like the Galway & I have already thought of how to transition them into my spring wardrobe. I’ll be sure to share pictures of how I style my Dubarrys in the near future. For now, here are some great shots of Dubarry’s classic Galway boot, enjoy!

DILC10 first cut-125603426_419585061416964_937381620_n




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