Kilkenny: A Typographic Wonderland

The other day, the heavens parted & we were granted a glorious sunny day here in Ireland– it felt like spring was finally on its way. This refreshing weather, coupled with the quaint city of Kilkenny (an hour and a half train ride out of Dublin), led to quite the perfect day.

Roaming around Kilkenny, I was enamored with how authentic the city appeared. I just had to capture every nook & cranny of the just over 400 year-old destination. While I clicked away, I noticed the amazing range of typography & design examples. I was so impressed I just had to share!

pork & bacon
A blunt storefront.
street sign
A lovely way to label a street.
Gold & bold.
Type that blends in while standing out.
I love this layout & old-school feel.
cutting room
A bold restaurant front.
The only marker for one of the most well-stocked grocery stores I’ve found in Ireland so far.
All tea. All the time. Always.
I could not get over these Asian tea tins.
I may or may not have given in & bought this adorable (& slightly blurred) tea set…
I loved the name & unique old-school design of these teas.
Bright & vibrant.
Even though a little dirty, I loved the sweet colors & type of this store front (Very Valentine’s Day-esque).
My favorite color & my favorite drink along with an intricate font? Lovely.
A trippy hostel sign.
I would have loved to buy my school supplies at this shop.
Although it appears this store only sells lamps, I still considered stopping in just because of the inciting sign.
& here’s a shot of the main attraction in Kilkenny: The Kilkenny castle. It was gorgeous on the inside, & as you can see, gorgeous on the outside as well!

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